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Eating and Drinking Christ in the Local Churches

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Introduction: When many Christians think of the book of Revelation they think of future apocalypse. Popular media has implanted in the minds of believers and unbelievers alike prophetic images of war, famine, death, supernatural calamities, the antichrist, the rapture of the believers, and the second coming of Christ.It is certainly true that these matters constitute a major portion of the contents of Revelation, but it is also true that there is another, somewhat hidden side to this book.To those who open the eyes of their heart, Revelation reveals something vital to our present Christian experience: the local churches.Even without explicit teaching, this book defines the local church in a clear way, thereby illustrating the proper, scriptural way for believers to meet together.Moreover, Revelation not only shows us the local churches, but it also shows us that each local church is a place of eating and drinking Christ as our spiritual feast.How and where does this book of the Bible reveal these matters?In answer to this question, this Website will examine chapter four of The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches by Witness Lee.

Witness Lee was a Christian speaker and writer from mainland China who gave his life to study the Bible and serve the Lord.He was a student of many great teachers who came before him throughout church history, and he stood on their shoulders to minister to the believers the unadulterated truths of the Bible in order that they would be brought into a deeper experience of Christ.Concerning the matter of the local church, Witness Lee realized from his spiritual forerunners and from his own experience that the proper, biblical practice of the church life had for nearly two thousand years been all but forgotten.He therefore made it a priority of his ministry to study and teach concerning this crucial matter in an effort to bring believers in each city into this proper practice, the way of meeting together that God had intended for them: the local church.But Witness Lee also realized that biblical teachings in themselves are not enough.His purpose in writing this chapter of The Seven Spirits for the Local Churches is not merely to give us the proper teaching concerning the local church, but more importantly, to bring us into the proper experience in the local churches, which is to enjoy Christ as our feast.